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Rockets don't do damage

Pending 1.0.5

Rocketman don't do damage with their rockets.

I even set "Damage Scale": 1 which means vanilla damage, right? Nothing.

Here you can see the lifepoints of a foundation before and after a rocket came in. It's the same.



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This is also set to 1. So why is there no damage?

All the melee attacks do damage.


"NPC damage multipliers depending on the attacker's weapon": {
    "grenade.beancan.deployed": 1,
    "grenade.f1.deployed": 1,
    "explosive.satchel.deployed": 1,
    "explosive.timed.deployed": 1,
    "rocket_hv": 1,
    "rocket_basic": 1,
    "40mm_grenade_he": 1

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Really hope this is not because of using Raid Time Manager. 😄

Cause I asked you to find out wether this works together or not and you said it would.

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Hi, maybe there is some plugin that blocks this. Where did you write to me about Raid Time Manager? I can't find these messages. The easiest way to check whether Raid Time Manager affects this is to unload Raid Time Manager from the server and check the damage, then you will know for sure whether it is the cause or not. I think that's what you should do first, if you have suspicions about this particular plugin

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I have to confirm that rocketmen do damage without Raid Time Manager activated.

So, what will we do about it?

My whole server concept is based on Raid Time Manager.


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You said you still have to confirm it. What should we do if you have not even confirmed if this is an issue?

Or if you meant to say that you have confirmed it, then my recommendation would be to ask the developer of that plugin if they can help on their end.

As I stated before those plugins are intended for players to my knowledge or at least I would assume. It really seems as simple to ask the developer if they can add a config option to also block NPC damage to bases during those times. If your server revolves around that plugin I hope you area going to them for assistance. They are a responsive developer and I think it would be something that can be done. Cannot hurt to ask.

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@JbirdI just confirmed it.

I asked the Raid Time Manager developer in a thread now if he can do something about.

Will see what his response might be.

If he won't be able to do something about it I would ask you to give my money back cause Defendable Homes would be kinda useless then.

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Okay, the wording was confusing then @Kleementin but I thought that might be the case. Perhaps a translation thing,

Sounds like a plan, and yes we can see what they say.

In regards to the refund request.

  • I will attach the refund policy for you to review
  • KpucTaJl is the only one who could approve this, he is the developer I give support for his work
  • That is not a valid reason to ask for a refund if you ask me
    • The plugin functions as intended
    • You are receiving support
    • Digital purchases are generally always final
  • That being said KpucTaJl is helpful and usually willing to issue discounts on other products or find a compromise


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😄 Ok. Whatever happens, I will stop buying any plugins from your Mad Mappers crew. (and i own like 6 of yours)

I can't be sure if one of your plugins won't work with other plugins I use and it obviously makes no difference if I ask

for you guys to test it or make sure if it does or not in advance.

I mean whatelse should I do?! Of course I ask you guys before purchase if this will work.

And if you give me green light, I do buy it.

If the plugin still does not work I am just fucked. 😄

I cannot throw money out the window like that.

This is 40 bucks.

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@Kleementin you do what you need to do and I'm sorry to hear that, but if your only other option is unreasonable expectations, then that will have to be the direction things go. The team puts out some of the best work that you will find anywhere so it will be an unfortunate loss.

We do not have access to every single plugin available. That plugin is also a sold plugin, so myself, or the developer, should buy every plugin that someone else wants to know if it will work? If you don't see how absolutely ridiculous that is then I cannot help you. I want to help you, but I cannot if you refuse to be reasonable. I'm not buying a plugin just to test it for you. I can actually speak for the developer @KpucTaJl and say that he won't want to buy it either. But this is as simple as having a conversation with another person and you refuse to do that, but give me attitude and say you won't buy from the entire team because of it? We have plenty of other customers if you feel that way. Sorry.

I have answered your question multiple times, I will reach out to the other developer myself merely out of curiosity, and because I know that like I already told you, they are a responsive and direct developer and will have a very clear answer for your question. At that point that you have the information from the plugin you actually are asking a question about, you can make your decision. Otherwise I am not sure what else I can possibly say friend.


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