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Bases dont despawn

Closed 2.6.6

Good morning. Hope you doing alright. 


For the past few days, i noticed wild bases being alive while they should be despawned. During a server-boot, if there is an event ongoing, its not going to be deleted. Its becoming so annoying, i have it removed from the server until its resolved as i'm tired of manually spamming the ent kill command 500 times a day, just to delete a few wild bases.

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hi, i am thanks.

there's a simple way to delete them, /rbe kill_cleanup

it should be fixed in next update, but there's no reason a restart shouldn't clear them out unless there's an error which i would need.

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hi there.


The leftover bases are not responding to this command at all. They even give me a nice present 😛 eggs randomly popped up when manually deleting a base. The random Trader houses from I'mthenewguy has the same problems. When a server is rebooted, the buildings that should be killed before a serverboot occurs just refuses. All copy/paste........ holdon, i gotta check something.

Nah, Copy/paste is also latest version so its not that. But yea, i dont have any errors i'm afraid. All my problems are for now only the despawning during a serverboot issue. Someone suggested me i should use another plugin to unload and load plugins, but i hate it to use another plugin as a bandage. 




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use ent who on the base after using the command.

is this linux? tell your host to install libgdiplus if so. it is required to convert byte arrays into bitmap format for Rust. not having it installed will definitely cause this issue.


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