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Why you close a support request with out checking it properly ? :(

Work in Progress 1.0.21

i texted to a bradley drops developer and he worked on this to find out, he told he texted you but you keep ignoring him.

Please if anyone report anything, take at list to do a checks, and communicate to make all around work together better ūüėě


Bradley Drops 1.0.16

when i unload plugin Loottable. supply drop not come, come only bradley drop!

when i have plugin Loottable loaded supply drop and bradley drop come!


Here what was discovered in plugin: Loot Table & Stacksize GUI 1.0.21

Plugin uses the hooks that call air drops and when signals call cargo plane etc...

But plugin didn't have any protection to stop it calling for other custom signals

Solution: line 1355

            private List<uint> signals = new List<uint>();
            public void OnAirdropThrown(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity)
                if (_instance.LootDefender != null || _instance.FancyDrop != null) return;

                if (_instance.BradleyDrops)
                    if (_instance.BradleyDrops.CallHook("IsBradleyDropSignal", entity.skinID) != null) return;

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Hi, first of all I did not ignore the developer of BradleyDrops, I just haven't read his messages. I will be adding the patch for this with the next update in a few days

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