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  1. Robis

    Welcome Info UI

    Oh i really dont thinked about those who has low lvl on plugins understanding and editing. in this case you was right. Just saying personally, i really going crazy about number of plugins i have to use...
  2. Robis

    Welcome Info UI

    well good plugin no comments, but that addons.... why cant be all in one ? same result need more separated plugins. i have already 148 plugins loaded... and im looking how to decrease this number instead of grove it up... I think would be great if developers think about it, spend more time to make multiple functions in one plugin... prefer to pay more money for one big plugin then many separated...
  3. Robis


    Can you add 100% everything ? All type npcs, crates, trees. Just 100% everything ?
  4. Robis

    Tool Gun Rework

    nice, long time looking for simple remover tool alternative. just need make sure to make it hard o abuse, players love to abuse everything they can <3
  5. Robis

    Tool Gun Rework

    I dont see any info about remove restrictions... for example players will be able to remove buildings which has built by other players ? Also any cooldown settings ?
  6. Robis

    Custom Buttons

    Ohhh sorry... im lost, it was in welcome panel.... how do i lost so hard... sorry
  7. Robis

    Custom Buttons

    Ohhh sorry... im lost, it was in welcome panel.... how do i lost so hard... sorry
  8. Robis

    Custom Buttons

    Hey, you removed icons folder? now when im downloading... here no icons anymore
  9. Robis

    Slowmode Chat

    hey, can you also add chat commands slow mode option ? some people using to spam chat commands with auto clickers
  10. Robis

    Quarry Levels

    Yes please, every time is better when same plugin can do everything, instead to run more others to make it work fully something. you can add a 50/50% random chance for survey charges to spawn normal crate or oil crate... and add speed settings. also here is clear where coming metal,sulfur,hqm... but: "QuarryOptions": { "Metal_Production": 4.0, "Sulfur_Production": 4.0, "HQM_Production": 50.0 Where to change stones production ? Thanks
  11. Robis

    Quarry Levels

    Also where to edit speed of usage fuel and speed of production......
  12. Robis

    Quarry Levels

    Plugin have potential... i buyed but disapointed, by survey charges i cant find oil crate to place pump jack.... Well i think i will stop buying plugins at all... most of them looks better only in presentation pictures then in downloaded script....
  13. Those images stones and wood wont load. i can fix them by deleting image library data folder to redownload all images, but this fix not a permanent. After server reboot, images wont load again. anyone can fix the plugin for me? i wish just to load 5 images will be added via config like many plugins doing that. for example: "Type": "Wood", "Image": "https://i.imgur.com/wood.png"
    Good plugin, and developer really nice and friendly.
  14. Robis

    Welcome Info UI

    Yeah Guys, nice plugin, developer told that he even make more icons for the buttons. Just need to wait

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