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Spawning Drivers Without Security Guard

Closed 1.2.92

is there enough seats for a companion? maybe the seat is occupied by passenger
if there enough seats then it maybe caused by another plugins which doesn't allow to sit for companion

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2-3 Vehicles spawned with companion but others are only with driver. 10 - 15 vehicles i have set to spawning.... There is my Plugin list... If you know which plugin can make this problem tell me that please... thank you for helping me



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do you have any errors or messages related to mounting/unmounting entity when traffic car is being spawned? can i also see the console log when car is being spawned

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i'm not sure are these lines about scientistnpc_heavy.prefab related to companion, but can you try disable companions and passengers and check the log again? it looks like they're trying to find navmesh and then being destroyed 

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