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Control wood consumption of items?

Closed 2.1.4 2.1.4

I would like how much wood the campfire consumes cause by now, cause of that plugin I guess,

it consumes thousands of wood in minutes.

There's no such option in the plugin yet, right?

Can you add it?

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Sorry for the late response.. For some reason I dont get any notification here. I fixed this issue a while back. I assume this is solved?


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Have to get back to this.

Is it possible to set the amount of wood that is being consumed for each item like campfire, stone fireplace, large furnace, furnace...

I would really like to adjust these cause some use too much wood.

Like "Fuel Burned Per Tick": 4 but separately for each item or having an override for those items I wanna change that for like the campfire which consumes way too much wood.

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