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Request: Stack size command

Pending 2.6.4

Fusion 3.64

So I was thinking of how to distribute loot across the chests a bit more and realized all the stacks are set to -1 by default.
Makes perfect sense in general.
But I realized (if I'm understanding things right) that if they're set to vanilla stacks it would fluff things up a bit and fill up the boxes better.

Would you be willing/able to create a command along the lines of

rb stacksize expert vanilla
rb stacksize easy -1

This would save a lot of time if we would run a quick edit on the entire file then make any additional changes to the file afterwards.

I realize that the default is already -1
But being able to set it back to -1 if you screw something up would be an important ability.

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I didn't manage to get it added in time but it's on my next update todo list! 2.6.5 released and requires the Rust update

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No worries.
Doesn't really matter to me when it goes through.
I'm just glad you're up for it 🙂
If you don't think it would be a logical addition to the plugin you don't have to add it.
But if you do. Please do.

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