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stopping backup

Gremlins 1.0.2

hey i install it and config it and it work i have 4 backups in my dropbox folder, but only this 4 files last on 15:28 and he must uploaded every hour... console say upload are finish last at 20:28 but i see only to lase 15:28 ?

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03/07 21:28:55 | [DropBox] Uploading 2021.
03/07 21:28:55 | [DropBox] Upload Complete.....
03/07 21:28:55 | [DropBox] Deleting Backup Folder

and dropbox...:


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@VKRustDo you still have this working for you still? I'm having the same issue where it stops working after making 4 backups. I've looked at other options but this is by far the simplest so would rather try and see if its possible to use it.

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