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  1. Doldak


    can u make that shop is only open at a npc like server rewarts npc?
  2. Doldak

    Welcome Info UI

    its a option to add menu item only for vip example a group?
  3. Doldak

    flodding kick

    my sv.files are now 2.4 GB after i use this plugin... i delete it completly please refund...
  4. Doldak

    Can't get it to work

    its not okay that i must use numannpc from remod... remod version are old and doesn/t supports many kits plugins or npc sound plugins... is it a problem you say us how we make it compatible with the better umod humannpc version?
  5. Doldak

    flodding kick

    if i generate maze, i get kicking for flooting packets ... i have try it with 20x20 and 10x10 and 5x4 .. only if i say posters on
  6. Doldak


    hey the posters are not visible and the signs too i have change the code and testing it.. nothing work
  7. Doldak


    and how i set autokit only for admin or moderators?
  8. Doldak

    Default Sort Stat not working

    The Default Sort Stat action doesnt work?
  9. Doldak

    Why i cant buy it?

    why i cant buy it?
  10. Doldak

    stopping backup

    i have all delete an set new dropboc account... work -.- i doesnt know how XD thank you
  11. Doldak

    stopping backup

    i have done this bevore its okay.. it doesnt save anymore...
  12. Doldak

    stopping backup

    03/07 21:28:55 | [DropBox] Uploading 2021. 03/07 21:28:55 | [DropBox] Upload Complete..... 03/07 21:28:55 | [DropBox] Deleting Backup Folder and dropbox...:
  13. Doldak

    stopping backup

    hey i install it and config it and it work i have 4 backups in my dropbox folder, but only this 4 files last on 15:28 and he must uploaded every hour... console say upload are finish last at 20:28 but i see only to lase 15:28 ?
  14. aah i must wait sorry
  15. i doesnt see a config after restart i try this 3 times

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