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InfoScreens able to not be 100% size?

No Response 1.0.0

Hello, it is hard to find a good overlay like info scfreens. I like though it gives me an option for people to see rules and a modded map image. I am curious though since it looks to be stretching the UI to 100 percent is it possible to change that to like 80 percent?

Also are there any config samples for text use in it?

Thanks so much!!!! Excited to put this back in my server if we can make those changes.

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Hi Vector,

I replied to your PM saying I think you just need to make sure that the image, if it's full-screen, matches the aspect ratio of your screen
or, if this is a smaller image within the screen, that the Left/Right/Top/Bottom values you provide match the aspect ratio of the image.
You might want to prep your images in advance to get round numbers, to make it easier to work with. 400x400 is easier to set up than 378x409, for example.

There are no examples, other than the default config, but I do plan to provide some, and a video tutorial, in the near future.

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This was my first hurdle as well. I was hoping to change it so that the menu isn't full screen. 

  1. because I was using another plugin and already had images that I worked hard on
  2. I'm concerned what it will look like on other people's screens. I'll have to make my images extremely large to ensure it's not stretched on someone else's screen.

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