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What resolution is required?

Pending 1.0.3

I'm having issues with my image being stretched too much. I'm using 1920x1080, but it seems to be zooming in and stretching it.

What's the best resolution to use with this plugin?

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I saw this in another post


I replied to your PM saying I think you just need to make sure that the image, if it's full-screen, matches the aspect ratio of your screen
or, if this is a smaller image within the screen, that the Left/Right/Top/Bottom values you provide match the aspect ratio of the image.
You might want to prep your images in advance to get round numbers, to make it easier to work with. 400x400 is easier to set up than 378x409, for example.

Is it actually based on the person's resolution?

If that's the case I guess the image must be the highest possible resolution? If so, I'm worried about loading issues. 



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Yeah, it's based on the players resolution so there's the same aspect ratio issue as you have with any CUI elements.
All you can really do is go with what you think the most common aspect ratio is and prepare your images for that.


If your screen is 1920x1080 and that's what the image is then it should look perfect,
although there is an option to make the background image continue under the nav, or not.
If you have it set so it doesn't continue behind the nav then that'll skew things.

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