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Issue with snow mobiles

Can't Reproduce 1.1.7


Another issue players reported is that the normal snow mobile from the Arctic Military Station refuses to accept the fuel and start the engine.

It always shows zero fuel and won't start.

I tried it myself.

This didn't happen before your plugin I'm sure cause I tried the snowmobiles before and they were fine.

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Ok. But I mean water bikes settings shouldn't affect snow mobiles in the Arctic Military Station.

I don't want water bikes to be able to drive on the land. They are jet skis.

But of course snow mobiles should still work normally.

Otherwise noone can use them anymore.

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Having a vehicle that can easily drive on land AND water is way too overpowered.

Please separate the snow mobiles from the Arctic Station and your water bikes.

Otherwise I wouldn't be able to use the plugin.

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Yeah. I have 

"(2) Make all snowmobiles waterbikes": false,
  "(3) Allow waterbikes to drive on land": false


Now I know what the problem is I think.

It is reskinning the water bike it seems.

The players that mentioned in chat if snow mobiles were bugged seemed to having reskinned it.

Maybe that's why it didn't drive anymore.

Still doesn't btw. Tried it.



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I have no problems reskinning the snowmobile or the water bike. Everything works as intended on my side. Try reloading the plugin, maybe config didn't apply correctly.

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