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how can i configure buy raid to...

1. spawn near the player

2. lock only to the player and team (no other players can join)

3. or maybe give option to be PVE or PVP on buyer's choice?


thank you!

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1. there is no option for this other than Spawn X Distance From Buyer this shouldn't be set below 1000. it will try 1000 first then try again with the 5000 until it finally finds a position. it  will eventually be rewritten to work better but this is no easy task or i wouldve done it long ago

2. this is controlled under Buyable Events to lock to the buyer in the config, and eject settings for purchased bases are in the profiles

3. this is not optional. you need to configure it under Buyable Events in the config

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1. ok

2. and 3. could you pls help highlight which parts of the configs these are? just so i'm clear coz as i'm as i'm able to run the plugin i can get easily get lost on the specific configs. really appreciate  it

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sure np


config option: "Lock Raid To Buyer And Friends": true,
proflie option:   "Eject Enemies From Purchased PVE Raids": true,
profile option:  "Eject Enemies From Purchased PVP Raids": false,


this should be set true:  "Allow Players To Buy PVP Raids": true,
you can specify PVE to PVP:  "Convert PVE To PVP": false,
or PVP to PVE:  "Convert PVP To PVE": true,

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