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Server restart resetted teams

No Response 1.0.4

Hello there! 
All I can find in my console after restart is this : 
[Team Fix] Fixed 1 team data entries

Installed the mod last night, restart at midnight and all changes made during the night on teams (several teams disbanded and made new ones) was back to default.

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Hello, I have not had the chance to try and re-create this problem effectively yet
( lack of testers )

But it does sound like there was a problem with the data file that the plugin has auto-corrected. In my tests, it should have resolved the issue.

However, if you change the servers, team size limits to be smaller after a team has already been created, it will currently cause issues with the plugin functioning properly.

I am working on the next update to resolve limit reduction issues in regards to how the plugin can manage and handle that properly between the active players in groups above the new limit restrictions and data file automation updating when required.

In my current programming methods, I am setting it up to kick the last player added to the team if the server team limits become reduced from current size restrictions.

If you would like to assist with tests or know someone who might want to help with testing please add me on discord @ Khan#8615

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