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Suggestion: Title for Easy Vote

Pending 2.1.9

Any possibility to add a new title/category for the player with the most votes on a server using Easy Vote? Or is there any API for the plugin I could access to create a new custom rank/title?

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API to add new categories isn't likely to happen, because the data structure is fixed for local + SQL storage,
but if Easy Vote is popular and the data is easy to access, I'd be open to adding a category for it. 

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Awesome, I think it would be easy enough since he has an API call for string getHighestvoter() built into the plugin. Only thing would be whether or not it returns the highest voter for that specific server youre making the call on, since in the json you can configure it to distribute rewards for voting toward multiple servers.

Developer section of the plugin - https://umod.org/plugins/easy-vote#for-developers

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