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Closed 1.0.7


Is there anyway to make this compatible with backpacks as currently when plugin is running it prevents the backpack from being drooped and all items are lost.

Thanks in advance

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it doesnt handle backpackdrops
it simply copies the outfit to a list which is used by the npc and playername is handled the same it copies it to memory and its used by npc.
No items are removed by it in any way

it looks at what you have equiped checks what item it is and skinid makes a text string of it and vallues and stores it in chache at time of death it doesnt remove the items.

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Backpacks seem to be working fine tested it just now

  "Drop on Death (true/false)": true,
  "Erase on Death (true/false)": false,
  "Use Blacklist (true/false)": false,
  "Clear Backpacks on Map-Wipe (true/false)": false,
  "Only Save Backpacks on Server-Save (true/false)": false,
  "Blacklisted Items (Item Shortnames)": [
  "Backpack Size (1-7 Rows)": 7

Make sure to have `drop on Death` set to true and `Erase on Death`  to false.

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