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NPCs damage more less than before

Closed 2.2.7

Dear Nivex! 

The scientist NPC-s damage accuracy is more less than earlier versions.

2 types of NPC-s we have use with kits.

The NPCs who have M249 is very low damage take to players, but shooting to player.

Another type of NPC-s have Bolt action rifle. They not shooting to players, only running. (looks like they have bolt action, but don't want to use it)


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damage and accuracy is just part of the new AI. I do not know how to change the accuracy yet. but I do know about it already

guns should be given to scientists only. they will not work on the murderer, just like melee will not work on the scientist. this is intended

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I only use scientists.

On profile config set like this : 

    "Spawn Murderers And Scientists": false,
    "Spawn Murderers": false,
    "Spawn Scientists Only": true,

The 2 type of scientists are M249  and bolt action rifle

The scientists who have bolt action rifle isn't shooting, only running.

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