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Looks like /data/ArenaItems.json isnt saving...

No Response 1.0.0

Steen -

Love the plug in - couldn't get it to save without modifying the code.  I added a call to SaveData() after additems - but this is just a work around to keep me from having to reload the mod to save the data!  No rush - love this and of course BotSpawn which I've been using forever it seems.


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Hi ManMarc.

Thanks for buying, and for the kind words. 🙂

You're right, it only saves to file when it unloads.
Any data you've added is in live memory, though, and all editing should be done through UI, so it shouldn't matter.

Is there a reason you need the data committed to file straight away?

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just obsessed with making sure the data is saved I suppose.  I'm also getting a feel for where and how i want to use - so I'm making global changes - like i decided that 30 sec isnt ok but 300s feels right.  yes im hacking the data file - cant help myself.  Trusting everything to work great and hence not getting a commit makes me feel like the data is volatile - which makes me nervous.  Which is all whatever - i know - but here's the real reason - I'm testing on a test server and want to make sure i have a commit before moving the /config and /data files over to prod.   That sounds like a for real reason - i knew it was in there somewhere!


One more thought - would you consider changing the /arenaitems to /ai  its mucho easier.

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Hey, I can understand that.

I don't want to make the data file commit every time the user makes a change - it's just overkill - but I can add a /ai save command.

I'll also add chat alias option, like PlayerRanks and InfoScreens so users can add their own custom command, like "ai".


Pleasure! Glad you're enjoying it.

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How can I add something like a syringe or large medkit? Even armor like a chest plate? If I put it in my inventory and try to create a spawn, I end up wearing or using the item. What am I missing?

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