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AbandonedBases - Unloaded

Closed 1.1.3

hi sorry forgot to get back to you on this - didnt see any error sorry 😞 i just notice after sometime or maybe after wiping or restarts that abandoned bases gets unloaded or doesnt get loaded. i'll provide more observations as  i see it 

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the error will be in the server logs. it should also be in the oxide logs

server log is indicated by -logfile in your startup script

Edited by nivex

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o.reload AbandonedBases
AbandonedBases was compiled successfully in 3094ms
[Abandoned Bases] Data wiped due to plugin not being loaded for 5 day(s).
[UpdatesChecker] Codefling has an update available for AbandonedBases.
Loaded plugin Abandoned Bases v1.1.4 by nivex

i couldn't find any logs. anyway i'll try the new version hopefully it doesnt happen any more

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i need the server logs as I've said already. enable them using the parameter above, or ask your host to do it for you. i cannot help you without an error

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