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turrets have no damage :(

Closed 1.1.3 1.1.4

hi i just discovered players raiding an abandoned base but the turrets are just shooting at them with no damage.  went there with god false and its not kiling me. thoughts? 


i'm using nextgenpve and raidable bases in case it matters. but turrets in raidabablebase zones work as intended ie. has damage both npc and player made 

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            if (config.Abandoned.AutoTurret.Enabled && config.Abandoned.AutoTurret.Min != 1f && hitInfo.Initiator is AutoTurret && EventTerritory(hitInfo.Initiator.transform.position))
                hitInfo.damageTypes.Scale(DamageType.Bullet, UnityEngine.Random.Range(config.Abandoned.AutoTurret.Min, config.Abandoned.AutoTurret.Max));
                return true; // as-is this applies to current and newly deployed turrets which keeps it a level playing field

try changing Minimum Damage Modifier to 0.99 and tell me if it fixes the issue for you? pretty sure thats what the bug is

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