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Murderers not moving/Status not shown

No Response 2.2.4

Two part question/issue:

Murderers are pretty much standing still for several seconds until they finally decide to attack.  Not sure if there is anything that can be done with that.

Also, why dont players see the Green text at the lower right with the status of the raidbase (PVE Zone Loot Remaining: # (Despawn: 30m) notification?  Am I missing a permission?


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first issue is your server convar setting aimanager.ai_dormant and how rust controls their movement. no ai behavior was changed in the plugin. they're programming to react immediately but they can't if the server set them as dormant or took too long to process them after they spawn. bottom line is i doubt theres anything more i can do about that

they have UI turned off which can be toggled using /rb ui, or it is disabled in the config. it works 😛


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