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  1. rustdecay

    Auto-Wipe Script

    linux version?
  2. rustdecay


    this should be a paid plugin. i'd happily purchase this for $10. well worth it compared to most plugins that barely work as designed.
  3. Add a red light on top of the dash with another button. That would be amazing
  4. Just realized you cannot have more than 8 buttons, even though there are 16 configurable items. I'm guessing the other 8 have to be labels. Sort of a bummer.
  5. Hi - almost done with my config, but as I get beyond button #9, things become unclickable, there is no button and the button color is blue - which is not in my config. I've relogged and restarted, it stays the same. I've added you on disc. Thanks
  6. I figured it out. It was throwing an NRE on initialization. This was due to me removing the button config for buttons 6-12 as I do not need them. The plugin requires these to be in the configuration as it does not build the CUI dynamically, but hard coded. Thanks.
  7. I did - twice. I even restarted the entire server process.
  8. I am having the same issue. Nothing is showing up. Used the custom config file, enabled the buttons, assigned custombuttons.usebtn1 permission, reload the plugin.....and nothing.
  9. rustdecay

    Quarry Levels

    does this plugin prevent other players from opening the barrels and stopping the engine for both the quarry and pumpjack as well? I currently use quarry locker and would like to eliminate a plugin if I can. Thanks
    Responsive dev - high quality plug-in. If you have quarries or pumpjacks on your server, this is a must have. Stop the map grid sprawl with 4 or 5 entities and upgrade just one! Brilliant
  10. When placing a fridge, the prefab name is printed to the player. Not a big deal, just an FYI. Thanks for the plugin!
  11. rustdecay

    Quarry Levels

    Thank you for the reply...maybe pictures will help. Attached are two pics. One is the survey analysis (2.88 pM) and one is what is showing from the plugin production (10). Does that help? Those numbers on the 'Current Level' are always the same.
  12. rustdecay

    Quarry Levels

    Well that sure helps Thanks. I have one question on the Pumpjack process rate. No matter what, it seems to be 10, regardless of the survey charge analysis. Then just doubles from there. Is there any way to have it use what the analysis reads? 10 Pm is pretty good and not much incentive to upgrade. Thanks
  13. rustdecay

    Quarry Levels

    Quick question: I found a stone only survey location. After upgrading to level 3, I started to get metal ore. After I upgraded to level 4 I got sulfur ore. After level 5, HQ ore. Is this expected from only having a stone quarry? Thank you!
  14. rustdecay

    Quarry Levels

    why reinvent the wheel? There are several plugins that allow what you are asking to do. This plugin is to upgrade existing quarries and pumpjacks (which by the way are no longer in the game by default).

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