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Autoturrets not activating automatically

No Response 1.1.3

Unsure if I'm just missing something, auto turrets did not automatically enable on purge day. 

  "Abandoned Settings": {
    "Auto Turrets": {
      "Enabled": true,
      "Aim Cone": 5.0,
      "Ammo": 256,
      "Infinite Ammo": true,
      "Minimum Damage Modifier": 1.0,
      "Maximum Damage Modifier": 1.0,
      "Start Health": 1000.0,
      "Sight Range": 30.0,
      "Double Sight Range When Shot": false,
      "Set Hostile (False = Do Not Set Any Mode)": true,
      "Has Power": true,
      "Requires Power Source": false,
      "Remove Equipped Weapon": false,
      "Random Weapons To Equip When Unequipped": [

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I actually have the opposite issue...

The autoturrets activated and placed guns in them when I did /sar . (as they should)
Problem is, when I cancelled it (sar cancel) and the autoturrets stayed on and I couldnt turn them off unless i destroyed them.

not a big deal, but if players find this out, they could place turrets all around with no power and nothing in them...run /sar and have unlimited turrets forever.

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