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Not applying settings to Ring Road Bradley

Closed 1.0.7

The Bradley monuments plugin on chaos code has an option to spawn a ring road bradley.  This plugin is not replacing that bradley with a tier bradley.  Thank you.

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I was able to disable the HP for the other bradleys they spawn at monuments and then the tiers HP applied to them.  It just doesn't apply to ring road only. Strange.  Well if there is any possible fix it would be greatly welcomed, as I am sure vast majority use this plugin tied together with that one.  Thank you very much!

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ah easy fix tho

                    bradley._maxHealth = configData.Medium.BradleyHealth;
                    bradley.health = configData.Medium.BradleyHealth;

                    bradley.maxCratesToSpawn = configData.Medium.BradleyCratesAmount;

this is what needs to be edited its not optimal but it makes the tiers work as a work around inside that plugin since i don't think u can set it to true or false by default in his cfg

                    //bradley._maxHealth = configData.Medium.BradleyHealth;
                    //bradley.health = configData.Medium.BradleyHealth;

                    //bradley.maxCratesToSpawn = configData.Medium.BradleyCratesAmount;

blanc them out using // In front so it skips that line above is a example from tiers but the part before the = cfglink is important to blanc out

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i did same with other plugins i allready tested so tiers can spawn anywhere still figuring out to hold and force the HP on initial spawns thats why i always add options in my bradley plugins to alter hp and crate spawns

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