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  1. Maybe there is an entity tag of some sort missing on Bradley Guard NPCs or something where ZombieHorde can't detect they are NPC? Since it works fine with BotSpawn plugin.
  2. Yes I have set that option in the config but it still attacks bradley guards. It respects the BotSpawn plugin and does not attack those NPCs but does attack bradley guard NPCs
  3. Alright, its just unfortunate, cause I doubt they will go out of their way to make it compatible with this plugin, so now I have to decide to have zombies or bradley guards at all the monuments with bradleys.
  4. I messed up the title, its not BotSpawn, it is ZombieHorde zombies.
  5. Upon killing a bradley the guards spawn which is awesome, but the zombies from ZombieHorde still target them even though I have set "Can target other NPCs" to false. Is there something you can do to make ZombieHorde detect they are NPCs or do I need to ask ZombieHorde to fix this?
  6. [BotSpawn] Can't get spawn point at Lighthouse 1. Skipping one npc. I get spammed with this in console constantly. This is the 3rd seed in a row this happened so its on multiple procedural maps.
  7. KingSizeKevin

    Plugin compatability?

    Does this plugin work with Server Rewards or other economy plugins? How can I achieve players getting access to a Command after accumulating money rewards? Like I want players to get money for NPC kills and then they can use callheli plugin for a personal heli. So I would need to charge a player money for typing /callheli. Could you tell me which plugins this works with to make that possible? Great plugin btw thank you!
  8. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to make a simple plugin that basically delays the spawning of oil rig crates at the start of wipe. So like a config option could be set for 1 hour, 2 hours, etc and then the oil rig crates start spawning after that delay. I will pay for your work. Please DM me. Thank you.

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