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  1. Any thoughts if this could be included in a future update? Would really like this, thank you.
  2. Trying to get this plugin going and when I kill zombies from ZombieHorde they are counted as heavy scientists.
  3. Hello, great plugin. Could you add support for the Ninja Suit and also Scientist & Heavy Scientist suits?
  4. This plugin is still killing zombies from zombiehorde
    Clean info panel . Better than competition. Plugin author also listened to feedback and requests which is an A+ Developer!
  5. I built custom spawn points for Small & Large Harbor. When I built it Large was Harbor 0 and Small was Harbor 1. I switched to another map that only had small harbor and it as Harbor 0 and obviously put the custom spawn points from the wrong harbor. Any way to make sure Harbor 0 and Harbor 1 stay their respective large or small harbor consistently?
  6. Still have this problem with latest version of raidable bases + the tier 3 package addon. Zero customization to the config on what was provided still. Reloading the plugin does not clear out the remnants left behind Did a search thru all my plugins and nothing came up. I searched for just OnEntityKill and only found what was in the screenshot. I will test it with my old configs because before I upgraded to the tier 3 package I did not have this problem on my own configs I built (but weren't as good).
  7. The popular Kits plugin on umod uMod - Rust Kits by k1lly0u It doesn't have any permission system of its own to use /kits so I would need a method of just blocking the command if they execute a /nokit command somehow. I Tried to add you on discord but it didn't work.
  8. So I added a basic bow kit to my PvE server but some players are hardcore and don't want the option of using a kit. I would like a simple plugin where if someone types /nokit they will be blocked from using the /kit command ever again on the server. It will not be reversible but I'm guessing I could edit the data file to remove someone if I really needed. Any thoughts on if this can be done and if someone can do a custom plugin for me?
  9. Appreciate the effort to consider adding it! I think it will make this the best welcome panel yet if you can. I picked up a copy regardless cause it looks great. May I ask is it possible to add some command aliases to /info like /help, /commands and /rules? I would like the info panel to still pop up if they type my own commands to make transition easier from CustomChatCommands plugin. Thank you.
  10. The ServerRewards plugin on umod has the capability of detecting a new wipe if that helps.

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