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not wiping and other info

Pending 2.1.8

two questions:

1. i just realized the database is not wiping every wipe even tho its configured to do so. any tips? also, is it possible for us to have two separate tables  one is for the wipely, then the other is for overall? might be better to not "delete" the data as its still knowledge that you can use for your community

2. do you have plans on expanding whatever other else info you are tracking e.g. bans  might be agood next step

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Must have missed this, way back when.
There's no option at present to have multiple complete databases, but you can take leaderboard snapshots, which save the #1 player for each category.
This is really only useful via SQL or manual file reference, as it's not viewable in UI.

In future maybe I could save historical copies, at wipe, and allow admin to view that via UI.

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Would it be simpler (and it may well not), to add an extra table in SQL (say historicalData) and save the stats to both playerranksdb AND historicalData each save, but only wipe playerranksdb come wipe time? Or is that getting a bit heavy

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