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spawn one type of loot to more boxes

Closed 2.1.9 2.2.0

Dear Nivex!

Possible in the future, a loot allocation to more boxes? I want for example the loot table i set 100xC4. I want if it not in one box to spawns , i want for example to spawn to 5 boxes. All of 5 boxes spawn 20 pieces
of C4. I tried to write in loot table more times the c4 for loot, but not working.


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i use stack siye controller. I want to use the server use larger stack size. No another way to split one type of the loot to split ? Some players raiding base, and have the c4 leave the base, and don't finish it. Thats what i want this feature to divide the c4-s to more box, meanwhile i use stack size controller.  

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added option `stacksize` to all loot tables in next update for this behavior. all default stacksize are set to -1 or disabled. set to desired value to have it split into multiple boxes.

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