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plugin broken - Fail on serverboot

No Response 1.1.2

Good morning. 

With pain in my heart, seeing a 30 bucks plugin not working makes me sad. You pay for something, that you would expect to be working. 

  • Plugin fails on server boot. We have a daily server boot every morning. ( have to manually activate it )
  • Commands do not work.
  • Permissions do not work.

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this was extensively tested and it does work

post your config

make sure you have the permissions

if there is an error then post the error

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There is no error nothing. Plugin has added, but when adding rights for me to convert a base into a raidbase, it doenst reconsize the command, it doenst reconsize the permissions nothing.

Config is the same as what you stated. Drag and drop, only changed that when the server boots, that its been checked. 

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