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Players getting shot by invisible source while on cargo

Closed 1.1.2

Players that tried to do the event reported that once on cargo they were getting shot thru the cargo walls by an invisible source and could not confirm what it was.  I will do some additional testing but it sounds like a bad glitch?

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Hi, this is a very rare bug that is very difficult to solve, I have been dealing with this issue for 2 weeks, I have about 3 days left to post an update that will solve this problem

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I kind of answered the question above in the correspondence. I will answer again. This happens very rarely, about 5% of the time, you are the only person who talks about it as a problem. This is the first, second thing I want to say, there will be an update for this plugin soon that will fix it. But I do not know if this update will be about Codefling. Today I will upload it to Lone.Design. There is a vulnerability on Codefling through which plugins are obtained for free, until Codefling developers say they have eliminated this vulnerability, I will not upload this update here.

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