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Need setting for NPC's health

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Did give the cargo ship scientists kits with better weapons and gear than normal to make them harder to beat.

But they are more easy to kill now cause they have less health now cause of your plugin.

Please, we need an option for setting the health of the NPC's!

Thank you.

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I could add an option to NPCKits to customise NPC health but at present the plugin doesn't modify health at all so it certainly shouldn't be making them easier to kill.

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The scientists on cargo are harder to beat by default.

Though they have the normal scientist hazmats on they need more headshots than a normal junkpile scientist.

I guess they are similar to the ones in the military tunnel.

But your plugin overwrote that. So, my plan to make them more dangerous turned into the opposite. 😄

Please make sure if you wanna add that soon or not. Otherwise I would sadly have to deinstall the plugin.

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Unless something special has been done to their hazmat suit, to increase its armour values, I don't see NPCKits making any difference to how hard they are to kill.
I'll take a look - if that is the case I'll add a health option soon.

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Ok. Maybe I was just wondering cause I have other plugins where you can adjust the health of NPC's and in these cases I use

the same kits. So maybe I just got used to their power and thought with the new kits that NPC's on the cargo are still too weak. 🙂

Maybe I should look for a plugin that lets me adjust the health of all NPC's.

Anyway, thank you.

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I am not a fan of testing stuff. 🙂 I get asked this very often by developers and always deny cause I don't wanna

put problems on my server on purpose. 😄

I always hope developers have their own test server to make sure their plugins work.

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Your server's not going to go on fire. It'll either set their health or it wont. 😂

I don't have time to go around and check all the different npcs types right now. If you want to wait until I do that's cool.

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