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Ultimate RCON+ v3.0.6

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About Ultimate RCON+

The aim for this file is to remove the need for some of your Discord plugins and move it externally from your server so you do not have any server impact from those plugins. This offers you a TON of features all ran externally from your server, so no lag! No more dookie Discord extension 

Ultimate RCON+ is a more advanced version of Ultimate RCON


+ Advanced kill logging
+ Logging for heli, cargo, cargo plane, ch47, and brad
+ Multi reason auto mute system
+ Option plugin integration for more logging features
+ Permission loggers for group and permission changes
+ You can now have a player leaderboard for all your servers as-well as a global leaderboard! (Image below)
+ Server stat display that actively updates with how many players on your server, last wipe, etc*
+ The bot now saves a database on all players! (Kills, deaths, connections, chat messages, f7 reports, etc)
+ F7 Reports report counter
+ Set it to ignore people who are getting F7 reported or sending in F7 reports.
+ Add players to a watchlist that pings staff when they join.
+ Player profiler that tracks a lot of information on players (Get data VIA command)
+ Advanced kill feed. Now logs all sorts of kills and deaths
+ The bot no longer sometimes misses people joining the server.
+ Player counts are now tracked for each server, it will save all your peak player counts for all of your servers. (This information can be shown in a stats board)
+ Those stats for your server can also track the number of messages, connections, kills, and deaths that have been recorded on the server.
+ Rcon commands no longer need to be sent VIA a slash command
+ Discord to rust chat no longer needs to be sent through a command
+ Server offline and online messages
+ ETC*


- Bot status = Player count on server (Can change status if the server has recently wipe and include just wiped in the status)
- Global status bot = all your servers player counts combined into one
- Dynamic server cap changer (Changes the max amount of players allowed on the
server depending on the amount of players currently online and or the queue size)
- Auto discord wipe announcements
- Check players for private profiles
- Check players for VAC, EAC, and Temp rust bans
- Team and global chat logs
- 2 Way chat (Send messages in game through discord)
- Leave and join logs
- Kill logs
- Private message logs
- Auto muting players VIA triggered key words
- Manual staff muting through discord
- RCON Console in Discord with message filtering
- Send rcon commands through Discord
- F7 report logs
- F1 spawn logs
- (SERVER) message logs

Plugin info
Permission: ultimaterconplus.admin
Command: /urplus

The bot is very simple to install.
The file includes a setup guide within it. All quite simple.
Need support or want updates about what is coming to the bot? Join the support discord here https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7



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