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Explore both free and premium custom prefabs for use in custom maps for various games such as Rust.

75 files

  1. $1.69

    Studio Stuffs New

    Studio stuffs, like: camera, spotlights, red carpet, director chair, blue/green/black screen, microphone, etc.

    Please leave a review, it helps a lot! Thank You! 

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    • 110
    • 3
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  2. Free

    Street PvP Arena

    My very first PvP arena. Still very good, working fine.

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    • 249
    • 49
    • 1


  3. $10.49

    Horror kit

    The set was used for Halloween, will appeal to fans of horror.

    The set includes:
    Cemetery with crypts, suitable for building Abandoned house - atmospheric location, will add variety to your players. Tower watchman - I sit high, I look far away!
    Enjoy it for you and your players!
    For all questions, please contact: c0ini#1435

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    • 216
    • 4
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  4. Free

    Apache Ah-64 Helicopter

    An apache Ah-64 helicopter based on a 3D model.
    Please view a review, it helps a lot! Thank You! 🥳

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    • 237
    • 41
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  5. Free


    Cobalt sponsored billboards you are forced to see as you figure out which direction you need to go, careful you may tend to traverse many times in a circle before you pull out a map or ask for directions.
    Like what you see, be sure to like and follow to stay up to date with all the content i create 🙂
    Join my discord https://discord.gg/Y8p9pzQ and be apart of a friendly growing community 

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    • 384
    • 37
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  6. Free

    Personalized Christmas House

    This was Made for the Creative Rust Competition. Merry Christmas!
    Prefab Count:

    Feel free to edit it as u would like it.

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    • 238
    • 68
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  7. Free

    Splat Arena

    Splat Arena is a festive ice arena for players to enjoy fun close-quarter combat featuring spike pits and a little bit of parkour sprinkled throughout. This will greatly complement the new snowball guns coming to Rust very soon!
    Icon by @SawyerWD

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    • 335
    • 56
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  8. $5.00


    The tank of the future fits perfectly into the theme of the game cyberpunk 2077.
    It will look beautiful everywhere

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    • 219
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  9. Free

    AET - Reactive Target Auto Generator

    "AET - Reactive Target Auto Generator" lets you place up to 20 reactive targets with random triggered automatic up-/and down-mechanism. Useable for targeting practice courses and similar prefabs.
    No need to wire up something. Just drag the reactive targets you want to use and place them wherever you want.
    The whole circuit is stored inside the prefab. No timer switches where needed. You can start the circuit by activating the simple switch. 20 small kickstart circuits trigger the random switches.
    And no, it´s not possible to integrate counters to this circuit, because the counters would count up every time a target goes down, independently of the target was shot or got down by the mechanism.
    I do this stuff for free in my free time. But I try to help if you have troubles or anything went wrong. 
    But please note that every IO-related prefab in RustEdit and Rust is subject to change. With every patch and update, things can be broken due to changes in the game system.
    Furthermore, not up to date files or false placement in RustEdit let occur issues.
    Please double-check if your client and server are up to date, you run the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll, and if you did something wrong by placing the prefab before ask me for help order fixing.
    Thank you 🙂
    Demo Video:

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    • 303
    • 20
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  10. $2.99

    House by the road

    Hello wanderer! Tired of looking for prey? No problem, come to rest in this cozy house by the road!
    Enjoy it for you and your players!
    Added lights and heaters powered by a generator Added a hidden building bunker (basement area 2x8 blocks, 2 floors) Added relief and topology I would be glad if you appreciate my work!

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    • 346
    • 9
    • 2


  11. $2.50


    Detailed Buggy for any sort of application. This is a static prefab and is a decorative piece and can’t be driven.
    Not a moving model, but will decorate your locations and betray variety.
    pleasant use for you and your players!

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    • 253
    • 1
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  12. Free


    Household appliances set, which includes Electric stove, Television, Music column, Microwave, and Hookah.
    Enjoy it for you and your players!
    I would be glad if you appreciate my work!

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    • 271
    • 28
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  13. $10.00

    Modern Apartments

    Beautiful apartments, the best design and thoughtful interior, the minimum number of prefabs and the maximum FPS!
    Prefab counter: 750 pref

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    • 1,240
    • 23
    • 4


  14. $10.00

    Barge Town

    A small settlement on the water, all barges are subject to development, 2 plantations, places for additional barges, sunken tugs under the settlement, and there is also a tugboat with everything you need, namely a processor, an oven, a refinery and various workbenches.
    FPS HIGH! The barge is located far from the coast, so there is no load on the client. Players on the barge also do not experience problems with FPS, they are far from the coast, buildings are not loading.
    Prefab counter: 3500 pref

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    • 730
    • 9
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  15. $19.99

    Cobalt's Complete Ship Pack

    Hello, there fellow boat lovers! Take to the waves with my complete ship pack! This pack contains a fleet of six unique bandit style ships to spice up your maps’ oceans and game-play.
    Fleet Inventory Includes
     Two Large Ships
     One Medium Ship
     One Small Ship
     Two sunken Ships
    Prefab Count
    Each ship is under 200 prefabs to maximize server performance 
     This pack requires the RustEdit plugin for NPCs to spawn
     Make sure to adjust the height of your ship when placing

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    • 274
    • 4
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  16. $6.00

    Haunted "Decaying" Manor

    This prefab includes:

    Shady looks;
    Creepy music;
    A hand made puzzle (no cards, just traps);
    Loot spawn works like a charm;
    A skeleton disposal location (find the bunch of skulls);
    A very friendly scarecrow with ruby eyes;
    And a bunch of fun making it;
    ONLY ~500 items;

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    • 224
    • 1
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  17. $3.50

    Triple cave brought back to life

    As my players on my servers love the triple caves i desided to recreate it again  so i can  change out the old caves that have now been altered  by facepunch  with the intended version and gave it a bit nicer entrance to it aswell
    hope you all like it 

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    • 756
    • 15
    • 6


  18. Free

    Hobo Bus Stop

    Just a small prefab I tossed together to replace the normal bus stops, feel free to check them out and use them on your maps.

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    • 318
    • 39
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  19. $6.99

    Haunted Hill Manor

    Just in time for Halloween!
    Welcome to Haunted Hill Manor. Find hidden things in the Manor and check out the graveyard
    Haunted Hill Manor is a classic build design with some of the extreme detail I always love to include.
    2k prefabs
    2 story Manor
    2 prefabs to choose..Monument or build a base inside the Manor
    Graveyard and I threw in some ghosts 

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    • 442
    • 7
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  20. $3.50

    Train Station Spawn Point

    This simple train station can be used for a spawn point or a central teleportation/portal location. You can add a lot to this. I kept it simple to spark your creativity and to keep assets low.
    Credits to The Rust Admin for the front of the steam engine.

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    • 297
    • 1
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  21. $2.00

    Car Soccer field

    Car soccer field with working goal counter and reset button ( on the side off the goal ) 
    just spawn in the amount off cars ( "spawn sedan" in console )  and have fun 
    the ball should be autospawn since its in the file  if its not there you can use  spawn ball.entity in console to get a new ball. 
    the ball cant go out due to a invisible collider on the top off the field 
    file includes height and splat
    size  32x21 foundations 

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    • 617
    • 8
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  22. $3.50

    RC Racetrack

    RC Racetrack prefab that can be used with  Karuza's  RC car and minicopter plugin https://lone.design/product/rc-cars/  you can have a race with your friends  

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    • 580
    • 4
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  23. $5.50

    Pressed steel corp. - 1600 pieces - lootspawns

    This is a recreation in rust from a diorama and i decided to build this as a prefab
    1600 pieces
    size is 6x5 foundations,  2 story high
    fully decorated inside and has: 2 basic crate, 3 toolbox, 1 big and 1 militairy crate
    last picture is the diorama i build it from
    hope you like it.

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    • 515
    • 2
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  24. $5.00

    Bit of Salt surfshop - 464 pieces - vending machine

    Bit of salt surfshop is a full decorated shop with a vending machine, basic lootbox and a pool on the side
    for diving instructions  before heading over to the sea.
    size 8x6 foundations
    464 pieces 
    vending machine ( set your profile you want, to sell ingame )
    fully decorated inside and outside 
    prefab includes height, splat and alpha files.
    hope you enjoy 

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    • 363
    • 2
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  25. $9.99

    Unreal Tournament 2004 Arena remake: Idoma

    Behold the remake of the iconic UT2k4 map: Idoma!
    This arena is a direct remake of the map from Unreal Tournament 2004 and will be the first of a series of maps I’ll release to really spice up that arena gameplay in Rust. Fight it out 1v1 or as a team in a very Industrial looking close quarters map best suitable for up to 4 players. The whole interior was designed in an attempt to bring back the vibes of what was one of the best shooters of its time.
    To help promote and sustain CodeFling, 50% of the revenue will go directly towards helping to maintain the platform 🙂
    For server owners:
    If you want to add this to your map, please keep in mind that this arena was designed to be an “interior”. This means the arena should be placed underground, without a terrain trigger covering it. If need be, apply a water trigger surrounding the arena. Set your spawn points inside with your favorite TDM/ duel plugin and you’re good to go. If you do desire this to be placed above ground, I would suggest placing it inside a 2x upscaled “Space Center Office Bld A”. Don’t forget to cover up the roof and doors though: there is no entrance to this arena except for the spawn points you set for when your event starts.
    This arena comes in 2 styles: Tech and Overgrown. The tech version sports an IO-circuit like feature wall, where the Overgrown version will stick closer to the original map with roots/ plants crawling through the walls.
    For the full Unreal Tournament vibes, I would suggest using this arena together with both Steenamaroo’s ArenaItems plugin and my Arena Item Spawner Platform prefab pack.
    Pack contents:
    Idoma arena, Tech theme.
    Idoma arena, Overgrown theme.
    Prefab count per arena: +/- 5300
    Protecting our efforts:
    When using this arena, please follow the below simple steps to ensure our work doesn’t get stolen from your server and gets redistributed illegally. We put a lot of effort and time into making these monuments/ prefabs and wouldn’t like to see them being ripped from a server’s map.
    - Password protect your map whenever you work with custom monuments! You can do this in RustEdit by clicking View > Password and then typing in your desired password.
    - For an additional layer of security, you can follow the below steps:
              1. Open a new map in RustEdit
              2. Place the Arena of your choice
              3. Click Prefab List on the top right
              4. Click Create custom prefab on the bottom
              5. Set the radius to 90 and include the whole arena in the circle
              6. Tick the box for Convert selection to group
              7. Choose your prefab’s name
              8. Save!
    This will ensure that nobody will be able to rip our work off your maps after playing on your server, meaning we will always get the deserved credit for the creation of the prefab/monument and server owners can truthfully  take pride in supporting our work.
    I would suggest placing this monument as far away from other prefabs as possible, as the prefab count is quite high. Not doing so might cause lag for players with less powerful computers. Make sure to place this above water level and under floor level, as with the current lightning in Rust, it turns quite dark and spooky when covered in a terrain/water trigger.

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    • 875
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