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Raid Base Pack 3 1.0.0

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About Raid Base Pack 3

Expand Your Rust Empire with Our Exclusive Raidable Bases Package!

RustBase Pack. 3

Give your Rust experience a boost with our comprehensive package featuring 30 raidable bases designed to challenge even the bravest players! This unique set provides everything you need to expand and fortify your presence in the Rust world.

Key Features:

Diverse Challenges: From easy bases for beginners to nightmare structures for the most experienced players, our package offers a wide range of difficulties to keep the excitement and challenge alive in every raid.

Optimized for Thrilling Raids: All bases are meticulously optimized to provide you with the best raiding experience possible. Each design has been carefully crafted to balance challenge and fun, delivering engaging and strategic gameplay.

Unique Style with Special Skins: Each base features special skins that not only add a unique aesthetic touch but also highlight the theme and difficulty of the base. From the brutality of easy bases to the imposing presence of nightmare bases, each one is a visual masterpiece!


6 Easy bases 
6 Medium bases
6 Hard bases 
6 Expert bases
6 Nightmare bases

Skin Details:

Easy: Frontier Skin 

Medium: Brick Skin for a solid and robust construction.

Hard: Container Skin for an industrial and challenging look.

Expert and Nightmare: Container and HQ Skin for an epic and formidable design.

Get ready for action and strategy as you immerse yourself in the challenging world of Rust with our raidable bases package! Upgrade your server today and take your raids to the next level!

rb.config add "Easy Bases" rustbaseeasy13 rustbaseeasy14 rustbaseeasy15 rustbaseeasy16 rustbaseeasy17 rustbaseeasy18
rb.config add "Medium Bases" rustbasemed13 rustbasemed14 rustbasemed15 rustbasemed16 rustbasemed17 rustbasemed18
rb.config add "Hard Bases"  rustbasehard13 rustbasehard14 rustbasehard15 rustbasehard16 rustbasehard17 rustbasehard18
rb.config add "Expert Bases" rustbaseexpert13 rustbaseexpert14 rustbaseexpert15 rustbaseexpert16 rustbaseexpert17 rustbaseexpert18
rb.config add "Nightmare Bases" rustbasenightmare13 rustbasenightmare14 rustbasenightmare15 rustbasenightmare16 rustbasenightmare17 rustbasenightmare18



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