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MrTrixy Pack | 60 Raidable Bases (Easy To Nightmare) 1.0.1

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About MrTrixy Pack | 60 Raidable Bases (Easy To Nightmare)

In the "Bases" Folder you will find 60 bases total that you can add to your server.

They are ranked easy, medium, hard, expert and nightmare.  They are all Unique and fun to raid. 


There are simple raid bases like you would see on a normal rust server.
But there are alot of maze / puzzle bases in there, with secret loot rooms and hidden tc's. 
Watch out for the special traps that are placed, on places you wouldn't care to look! 
Never a doll moment when you see one of my raidbases, they are all tested on an active server and everyone loves to see my raidbases.
You can't go wrong with this pack! 

6 Easy 
9 Medium
18 Hard
16 Expert
11 Nightmare


Loot Tables: As said on Raidable Bases plugin you need your own loot tables.

The plugin comes with some very basic items (Default_Loot.json) that only serve as a demo loot list for you to either delete or expand upon. In order to make any use of the plugin (beyond demonstration) you will have to create your own loot lists instead.


These are al made on Enchanted.gg server.

Made with for pluggins:



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