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About Firework Shows

Are you tired of the boring single firework shows? Look no further. This pack contains 14 different firework shows.

More shows get added when i have new ideas, so remember to follow so you get notified on updates!


Many of the shows have multiple stages, just like a real firework show should be!
Some shows have delays with the use of timers. These are more time consuming to set up than the regular ones, but your players will love them.

You can set these off using RF Transmitters that's already provided with each show.
To set these shows up, all you have to do is: Find a place for your show, paste it with stability false using CopyPaste plugin.
Find each RF Receiver and open them to set the frequency, same goes for the RF Transmitters (Both already have set frequencies but they have to be set again when pasted to work)

CopyPaste command example: "/paste fwshow6 stability false"

If you paste some of the shows without pasting them with stability false, they will collapse.

It is recommended to use this command before using these shows: basefirework.maxactivefireworks 250 (This command will allow the amount of fireworks set off at the same time. Lighting a lot of fireworks at once can cause lag/FPS drops on both high and lower end pc's)

When done, you can revert to: basefirework.maxactivefireworks 25 (Default setting)


The provided video showcases most of the shows and locations of the RF Receivers/Transmitters. (Full RF loctation list is provided in the README)

!WARNING! Failing to set a frequency on a RF Transmitter will cause all RF receivers to fire at once!

This will cause severe lag if multiple shows have been placed.

Now you are ready to light up the sky with a big bang!


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