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Vasilyi Yrupin

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  1. Hi, I have a problem. Previously, I could call the base I needed with the front-end command / rbe (base name) and the base appeared front-end exactly the one I called. / rbe easy1 And a level 1 frontbase. / rbe hard5 And a level 3 front base. Now entering the same command, a random base appears. I write / rbe medium8 And the front-end appears a base called medium15. Tell me how to correctly call the base I need in front of me.
  2. During the raid, players can become immortal for gantrups and turrets
  3. After the last update, NPCs stopped going outside the dome. Thank you! But there is one reason why they stopped coming out. NPCs just don't spawn on raid bases ... No NPCs no problem?)
  4. I always have turrets on my bases. Previously, there was a function to disable turrets if there is no player in the sphere. Where can I find turning on / off the turrets when the player is in the sphere and behind the sphere. Sorry for my English, I'm from Russia
  5. How are the turrets still missing in the sphere?
  6. I installed the latest version and these are the problems.
    Despite some bugs, the plugin is awesome! The author is allowed to put a lock on the quarry. So that you could just put it on the quarry with a lock in your hands, just like on the door. and that he would be visually somewhere so that you can change the password. I want to ditch another plugin that puts a lock on the quarry: QuarryLocks. I want your plugin to have a similar quarry lock. BUT I would like to see not the command / QR to close the quarry, but just put the lock on the quarry as on the door) Thanks for the plugin)
  7. Hi, I have a problem. I am using these plugins: QuarryLocks, QuarryPro, QuarryStopChecker. and when I put your plug-in, my careers break. There is also no menu where I can see how to raise the level of a career. It gives me the following error: QuarryLevels has replaced the 'global.ql' command previously registered by QuarryLocks. Also, players cannot start careers after installing your plugin. Help me please.
  8. there is an old problem. the man began to raid the base on J5. But I decided to leave him. Then he left to raid another base at coordinates F8. they write to him return to the base on J5. He goes to J5 and writes to him to finish the raid on F8. And he can't start raiding at all until the base is gone. and 10 minutes when the problem goes away ... how to fix it? Plugin updated
  9. And how can you make the top 1 player get VIP privilege for 1 month. Top 2 for 14 days VIP. And the top 3 player got 7 days of VIP?
  10. простите я плох в английском языке.. помогите еще в этом: Я должен выдать все эти разрешения группе default: raidablebases.ladder.easy, raidablebases.ladder.medium, raidablebases.ladder.hard, raidablebases.ladder.expert, raidablebases.ladder.nightmare?? и что мне делать с groups: raideasy, raidmedium, raidhard, raidexpert, raidnightmare, raidhunter?? i am completely newbie and i really like your work i admire) help me. explain how it works? -------------------------- Permissions and groups are given to players for being top 3 in each difficulty at the end of a wipe
  11. hi i don’t understand how to adjust the rating please help me. And how can a player know what his rating is? }, "Ranked Ladder": { "Award Top X Players On Wipe": 3, "Enabled": true, "Assign Rank After X Completions": { "Easy": 0, "Medium": 0, "Hard": 0, "Expert": 0, "Nightmare": 0 }, "Difficulty Points": { "Easy": 1, "Medium": 2, "Hard": 3, "Expert": 5, "Nightmare": 15 }
  12. Hi, I have 2 questions. 1) How can I update the plugin so that my database settings are not reset? 2) I do not know how to enable the purchase of raid bases. I have currency on the server "paper" it has a skin of a coin. How to make the player spend "Paper" when buying a raid?
  13. I faced such problem. from the raid of houses there are cabinets hanging in the air. and because of them, new raid houses do not appear nearby. I have a $ 50 version.
  14. Provide the ability to turn on the invulnerability of the electrician so that electrical traps do not break during the raid.

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