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  1. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Sorted! Thanks for the help, would have been ages before I switched my Auth to owner.
  2. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Okay, lemme try that. I didn't realise there was actually any difference between the different Auth levels...
  3. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Ahh, hold up - I need Auth level 2? So owner rather than moderator...?
  4. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    I'm defo admin, I can noclip etc. When I do the add or list command there is no output in chat or the RCON console either.
  5. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Makes no difference if I reload the plugin also.
  6. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Okay, so I am logged in as admin, if I type in chat: `/botspawn add test` I get no feedback in chat. In RCON I can do `bot.count` and see there are 18 bots today.
  7. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Oh right - I got ya. I'll log in and try again...
  8. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    What's the command - I tried `botspawn add chinook_crate` via RCON but got no feedback and default_CustomProfiles.json is still the same so I guess that's the wrong command. Can't see anything listed in the description page either... BotSpawn is working, bot.count returns 28 bots.
  9. Reb_

    Creating Custom Profiles

    Hopefully a quick one - I am admin on the server and I have given the admin group permissions to `botspawn.allowed` but the chat command `/botspawn add xxxxx` still doesn't seem to do anything. What else do I need to do? I've done this before and I don't remember it being hard
  10. lol - I worked it out, thanks though
  11. And the wolf head-dress
  12. I've tried the kits and they seem fine - and I can see aspects of the kit in the shots above; like the leather poncho in the top image and headscarf in the second - just seems like the base NPC always seems to be a scarecrow when I set murderer to true. Which is weird...
  13. Hi, I just updated BotSpawn (it had been a while) and with a new profile and new kits all my bots are scarecrows or scientists. I can see some wearable items on the scarecrows like gloves and shoes but for the most part they are full Wizard of Odd. The scientists just aren't picking up their attire kit at all, but they are picking up the weapons. Is this a known issue, any solution, workaround?

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