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    Works perfect! Thanks for this
  1. Luuxen


    go to the data files default-DefaultProfiles and set Supermarket 0 1 2 to "AutoSpawn": false
  2. Luuxen

    House Bundle

    So nice to finaly see some nice houses!! my players love to live in them the wooden house is missing the roof, and the laptop screen in one of the houses is very flickery, otherwise it is just amazing!!
    Love this prefab! had a little alpha pice i needed to fix at the secret entrance otherwise its amazing!!
    Simple greencard monument,- Love it
    Looks very good, but its only the interior of one apartment. no walls on the outside, it looks like a unfinished house, so you need to have skills in rustEdit to use this. Should just have ben "Beautiful apartment interior", and not "Modern Apartments". i understod it was multiple apartments when it says "apartmentS" and not just one with no exterior on it. *edit i really like the insides to make that clear! some things got lost in translation
    Very nice town for my PVE server! more pve related towns please! With love Luuxen
    This is not a april fools, this is the most epic plugin for rust! Submitted - April 1
  3. Luuxen

    problem me NoDecay

    works fine on my servers
  4. Luuxen


    A must have plugin for a modded server! quick support and easy to use! thank you for the work you keep puttin in to it
  5. Luuxen

    problem me NoDecay

    [NoDecay] Unsupported decaying entity detected: 4module_car_spawned.entity --- please notify author. its the only thing with the newest version there gives a error
  6. Luuxen


    Hello there please make a review some one !
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