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  1. pookins

    The Button

    I moved the button to the left hand side because i have Zlevels on the right hand side and made a red button with the text for the function on it, pity you cant "bind" a key for the function but i have got used to pressing "t" for chat (*to enable mouse movement) and mouse selecting the button , I has saved me a lot of time as before i had to hit "t" for chat then type "prox" (disable prox) and then repeat that to enable it again as it has been "broken" for over 2 years and am not expecting a fix in the near future. { "GlobalSettings": { "Image Url for The Button": "https://i.
  2. pookins


    Any chance that the commands will be found in the /help menu (in the future)
  3. pookins

    Key binding

    Thanks for the quick response, I thought it might be possible as backpacks still uses the binding, Nevermind , I made the button an actual big red button which makes it more noticable, , even though you have to go into chat it still saves time
  4. pookins

    Key binding

    Great idea, i have been looking for something like this for Proximity alert which you have to disable enable every time you encounter an enemy, Is there any way to bind key 7 so that you dont have to go into chat to activate the button with the mouse. I have the icon on left hand side of "belt" bar as i have ZLevelsRemastered on the right hand side (thanks for the option)
  5. Any chance of making this for boats (large and small) since they are now only obtained in Shops
  6. pookins


    Thanks I found that it was already in the config before i posted but as they have been made safe zones i wont be putting any bots in them (for now) , Thanks for the quick response
  7. pookins


    The only plugin to successfully remove twigs was "Twig Decay" plugin which sadly stopped working and no fixes were introduced, Used it for years without any drama, had it set to twigs 5", wood 10" stone 60" Metal 240" and Hqm 720" , worked like a charm , But that was the past This one works and now the error messages have disappeared i have no complaints with it and hope to be using for many years to come
  8. pookins


    Are you going to add the new fishing villages to the monuments list ? , I have noticed the bots are a lot more lively lately and everything is still working great,
  9. pookins

    Rules GUI

    Now I might not be a dev but I do know that configurations can be overwritten by plugin updates otherwise the devs would not issue a warning to "back up your config before updating". if you are in doubt of this i will go back through the documentation of the plugins i have and copy them for you. I do have plenty of time and have recently read through 300 pages of "kit" plugin posts to prove a point, If the update did not overwrite my config (which checked ok with json lint) i would not say it did
  10. pookins


    How do i do that ? OK Thanks for the update, seems to have fixed it so far, didnt realise there was an update as update checker only tells me (so far) when there is an update for updatechecker
  11. pookins


    Still getting console spammed with no decay messages , times are getting longer each update, it works great but it does get annoying after a while when you are looking for something else in console. (17:02:23) | [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage on Rowboat took 14.0375 ms to execute. (17:02:47) | [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage on HotAirBalloon took 15.04 ms to execute. (17:03:05) | [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage on HotAirBalloon took 11.0293 ms to execute. (17:03:25) | [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage on Rowboat took 15.0397 ms to execute. (17:03:43)
  12. pookins

    Rules GUI

    That is nice to know except that everytime i put MY messages into the config it overwrites them to what the dev thinks it should be, i have reverted back to original plugin which has worked for me for 4 + years with no problems at all
  13. pookins

    Rules GUI

    A pain in the butt re editing a config that was working 100% since "Pain" developed it, to show exactly what was showing before the update
  14. pookins

    Spamming consol

    I deleted all files and reloaded and re edited config and data (when unloaded) it seems to be ok so fat but i have not been gathering loot as yet (still building 20x11x6 base) , it does have an annoying habit of reconfiguring config settings to default so i have to double check after reloading plugin and again edit and save the config. as yet no errors , thanks for your help
  15. pookins

    CustomLoot oil_barrel test

    Removed reply in wrong thread
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