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  1. pookins

    Exclude plugins

    thanks for that, would that have to be "Friends", "RulesGUI" without the comma or just normal text ?
  2. pookins

    Exclude plugins

    Do I enter the plugin name in the brackets at the end of the config that i want to exclude from the check list, It keeps telling me that there is an update to "friends" plugin (which is not on this site) and RulesGUI which i dont see the necessity of updating as i have no problems with it (since original installation in 2015)
  3. it might say inherited but to be sure click on corresponding "granted" tab, its better to be safe than have to listen to complaints all day
  4. pookins

    New Monuments

    I will hide my head, Obvious thing was to look at the file , Thanks again
  5. pookins

    New Monuments

    Is there any plans to introduce the new monuments into the config, Ranch and Large barn, I would like to have a few bots roaming around them at night. Still having a lot of fun with this plugin and hope you (and yours) had a great New Year
  6. I have 35 bots roaming each biome which are sometimes very close to each other but i think even if you increased that number tenfold it would be chance to get them in a hoard,
  7. I sometimes get this message for bots spawn points at mines or lighthouses, i fixed it by increasing the roam range to slightly higher than i had before and dont get it anymore.
  8. That would be practicle if the site was in America but as far as i know it is not, You do not have first amendment rights in any other country that is not governed by America in fact first Amendment rights does not give you the right to breach or ignore implied contractural agreements which you should agree to or read under any sites Terms of Use, Regardless you think its ok to post what they dont want , they have the right to remove it and anyone who does it. Have a Happy New Year
  9. pookins

    The Button

    My settings are "AlignmentSettings": { "AnchorMin": "0.295 0.029", "AnchorMax": "0.341 0.104" } Which gives me box the same size and close to existing ones
  10. pookins

    The Button

    I already asked the same question a while ago but it seems FP doesnt let you bind keys anymore
  11. pookins


    Use Custom loot plugin on this site
    I find "The Button" very helpful in activating/deactivating "Proximity Alert" which (due to disinterest) has not been fixed for over 2 years, you have to constantly reset it to clear the warning screen when encountering enemies (who you kill) , saves typing "/prox" x2 every time,
  12. Does not work as stated in title,
  13. pookins

    Drop weapon

    Can you add the option to drop weapon *and weapon condition as when you kill the Huntsman there is no weapon in the belt Other than that , thanks for a great addition to the game And how do i change text color and size for chat message ? i tried "<color = cyan> message </color>", but just got the formatting and the message in chat
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