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  1. Version 0.0.1


    Adds missing fuel containers and storage containers to RHIBs on Cargoship, also adds the default 50 low grade fuel to the fuel container. No config file.
  2. bsdinis

    No Gibs

    Version 0.0.3


    Instantly kills gibs from Patrol Helicopter, Bradley APC, CH47 or Scrap Helicopter. Configuration { "Disable Patrol Helicopter gibs": false, "Disable Bradley APC gibs": false, "Disable CH47 gibs": false, "Disable CH47 fireball": false, "Disable Scrap Helicopter gibs": true, "Disable Scrap Helicopter fireball": true }
  3. Version 0.2.1


    Manage vehicles' fuel consumption, amount of fuel they spawn with and lock their fuel containers. Default configuration will make all vehicles' fuel consumption 0, add 1 LGF and lock their fuel containers to make them ready to drive or fly after enabling them in the configuration. Engine components will not wear out if "lock engine container" is set to true. To move a locked engine module you must first remove the engine components from a car lift. Console command restorevehicles - Restores every vehicle's fuel consumption back to default values, removes
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