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  1. Does one have to put these on custom maps or is it something one can craft?
  2. Kleementin

    Prices on the site?

    Maybe we already talked about it, but is is possible to automatically show the vehicle prices on the site? Thank you.
  3. I think this is working correctly now. +nav_disable false in the start.bat did it for me.
  4. So, I created Winter Wonderland with like 100 snow machines. But after a server restart only 3 of them were still running. I had to turn them all on. Any chance the others could go on running?
  5. Oh. Damn it. Maybe you should give yourself a little pc christmas present?!
  6. Would be a wonderful christmas gift for me. Not for the players. Cause they would die by a melee weapon using bot.
  7. I just installed it and my mate who came on the server after me had the PVPKill and PVPDistance tags from the beginning without having killed anybody.
  8. I use the Permission Manager for setting permissions but I don't see The Button there.
  9. I just wanted to know if you have any knowledge if BotSpawn npc's walking over surfaces will ever be fixed. Is it anything Facepunch will ever work on?
  10. Oh. You're right. Airfield was set to true for whatever reason. Thanx.
  11. I just woke up at the airport and noticed that all the bots ignored me until I held a weapon.
  12. Could you add the possibility to make Botspawn NPC's attack other NPC's separatly for each monument in the data profile? I would like to prevent zombies attacking Bradley Guards on the Launch Site but would like to keep all other zombies on the map to be aggressive against other NPC's. Thank you.
  13. Well, thank you for doing the work. Would be perfect for me with npc's that use melee weapons and chainsaws and throw beancans.
  14. Kleementin

    Adjust single scientist?

    Do you see a way to add an option to adjust single scientists that have special positions? For me there's only one that comes in mind and important. The one on the high stood on the cargo ship. I don't use a kit for the cargo ship scientists that have bolt or L96 cause these wouldnt make sense for the ones in the ship and on the deck. But the one on the high stood I would really like to have a sniper rifle.
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