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  1. Kleementin

    The Button

    Guys, use the Support section for this.
  2. Kleementin

    The Button

    No. They can use it when opening the inventory and click on it.
  3. Kleementin

    First loot slot is empty

    Why is the first slot always empty when looting the Bradley crew? I was just wondering.
  4. Animals weren't the problem. But I went through my whole server plugins and cleaned some stuff. I think this made it work again. Thank you anyway.
  5. Kleementin

    What exactly is this?

    What exactly does this plugin do? I don't get it.
  6. Kleementin


    Ok, got it. One has to open the image in a new tab. That makes you get the correct link. What I did wrong: Opened the link and the link changes then but I used the new changed link from my browser and that didn't work. So if you just copy your links, it is working.
  7. Kleementin


    Did you upload the new files as private or something? None of the files you just linked work when putting them in the config. Only the main image file always did. But the link is different. Your new files lose the "i." in the link when the browser opens the site. Also there is a background from imgur with buttons and all. The direct link of the main file doesnt have that. Just the image.
  8. Kleementin


    I guess you didn't take the direct link, right? You have that "i." which other links don't have. Your old links still do work. And if I link my imgur pics it works too.
  9. The Bradley fires at scientists that spawn with ground land piles. Didn't see this before that plugin. https://i.imgur.com/lSIiM9C.jpg
  10. Kleementin


    These links don't work btw.
  11. Kleementin


    What happened? The first are outstanding but I also like the weird ones. Well, maybe not for my server. Even because they are too colourful for a background maybe. The Mike Hawke One? I think I got a new Tinder profile picture. Thank you.
  12. Oh. My fault. Didn't see it cause it was on the top. Sorry.
  13. Can you add the option to sort plugins by the time they were last updated? Would be helpful to find out which plugins to update before wipe. Thank you.
  14. Yeah. I think i'll just wait til it is finished. But I am really grateful you work on it. Thank you.
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