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  1. I will resolve this issue thanks. And I will also add additional bot settings to the configuration
  2. what does a chat tag that cannot be removed mean? I don't have any tag in my plugin
  3. I will also completely change the behavior of NPCs in the coming days!
  4. Hmm, this is very strange. I'll fix that. Thank you! I will also completely change the behavior of NPCs in the coming days!
  5. DezLife


    I'll see what's wrong with the camera. At the expense of the arrow, this is a Rasta problem. I haven't managed to fix it yet.
  6. DezLife


    What exactly is wrong with you?
  7. Hello i don't understand you
  8. DezLife


    These 2 plugins don't work together
  9. DezLife


    This means that you have a conflict with some plugin.
  10. DezLife


    They can enjoy. What is wrong with you
  11. Version 1.3.0


    A very interesting auto event for your server. Down with the boring old radioactive house. Features: Construction - You can make any building - The building position is level, the house will not hang in the air or spawn in the same place Bots - Bots turn on lights and laser sights at night, and cut them out in the morning - It is possible to dress the NPC as you want it, as well as give them all random weapons - You can also adjust the loot and health level of the NPC Radiation - It is possible to turn on radiation in the event area Map - It is possible t
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