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Wild West Ranch (HDRP) 1.0.1


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About Wild West Ranch (HDRP)

This prefab is a highly detailed ranch inspired by the wild west. It features a small farm with 3 wild horses inside, in addition to a small house next to the farm. This ranch was made as a part of my project to create the Red Dead Redemption 2 map for Rust.


General Prefab Features:

  • High level of detail in the objects (e.g. farm gates have detailed wheels, handles and ropes).
  • Offers pre-placed crate spawns (Basic crate, tools crate and one military crate).
  • The prefab file comes with the splat and height files as well.

Ranch House Details:

  • There is a main living room with a fireplace, sofas, a desk and some storage crates.
  • There is a backroom where moonshine is being made illegally and is being stored prior to selling (on the Western theme).
  • There is a big bedroom with two beds and a fireplace (inspired from Red Dead Redemption 2).
  • Each room has at least one crate spawn.

Farm Details:

  • Several hay bales are present to create some clutter.
  • There are detailed gates placed under the shed, as well as in the main farm gate.
  • Three wild horse spawns have been placed in the farm to add some life.
  • The farm has three crate spawns.


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