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About Stone Island [Building Prefab]

Stone Island is part of a series of off-shore islands made for player building only.

The island is 1 grid big !

The first level is accessible from ocean level by jumping on the low cliffs and the whole area is buildable , to access the second level of the island there are 3 spots accessible with rocks ladder to climb up.

Second level of the island has topology for trees , animals , ore and edibles spawns , second level is also fully buildable.

All masks are present (height , topology , splat) , please make sure if you place it down on your maps to remove ocean topology where it is placed to make sure everything spawns properly and there's no ocean spawns on the island! This will have to be done with any off-shore monuments as it takes the ocean topology of the map and it applies it automatically when you place it down.

Entity Count : 108

Ionut Shiro's Collection

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