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If you need help or have questions regarding the map don't hesitate to contact me here or via my personal discord : 


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About Stalker Checkpoint

Stalker Checkpoint is a on road prefab that's best placed obviously on a flat road , no masks come along with it to not mess up with your road placement / height and so on.

For ease of use no masks for height are included so place it on a flat road  and adjust it manually , not all the green crates present are lootable some of them are just decor.

Once placed on a flat road make sure to adjust the height and location of bushes and trees according to your road lenght/shape.

There are couple invisible loot spawners you can select and remove if unecessary from scene hierarchy in editor , they are placed on prefabs that are naturally non-lootable.

Make sure to remove roadside topology on the road it's placed otherwise you will have junkpiles spawning inside the prefabs!

Players can find a green card and a recycler at this roadside prefab.

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