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If you need help or have questions regarding the map don't hesitate to contact me here or via my personal discord : 


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About Castaway Island [Building Spot]

Castaway Island is a 2 grid size island ( see pictures for size reference) built for off shore player base building , the island is only reachable via the cove in front of the island and an underground tunnel to go on the island or by flying.

A small lake is present on left side of the island for farmers!

There is plenty of space to build clan bases on the exterior of the island and small bases under the rock formation on the island or on top of the rock formation.

After pasting it on your map check that the entrance to the island is properly pasted alpha layers and the tunnel entrance above , due to different size maps/alpha layers it can be that you need to remove alpha manually in some spots.

For trees and lake topology to work properly when adding this to your map make sure you delete Ocean topology , it is removed by default but the moment you add it on your map it will be added back to  it , otherwise pumpkins , corn and trees won't spawn around the lake and island , if you don't know how to you can contact me and i can guide you to do it!

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