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Vehicle Summon 1.0.0

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About Vehicle Summon

Give your players the ability to teleport their modular cars directly to them from any location. Players can claim vehicles as their own using the claim command while they are inside. Once claimed, the vehicle can be teleported to the player using the summon command. At any time players can view a list of their claimed vehicles using the list command.

All suggestions are welcome. If you encounter any problems, please open an issue and I will resolve them as soon as possible.


Optional Dependencies

Server Rewards - https://umod.org/plugins/server-rewards
Economics - https://umod.org/plugins/economics



/vehicle.claim - Claim a vehicle and set its ownership to the player.

/vehicle.unclaim - Claim a vehicle and set its ownership to the player.

/vehicle.list - List all currently owned vehicles by the player.

/vehicle.summon - Summon a vehicle to the player.



summonvehicle.claim - Allows usage of /vehicle.claim command.
summonvehicle.unclaim - Allows usage of /vehicle.unclaim command.
summonvehicle.list - Allows usage of /vehicle.list command.
summonvehicle.summon - Allows usage of /vehicle.summon command.
summonvehicle.summon.passengers - Allows vehicles to be summoned even if they have players in them.
summonvehicle.summon.free - Allows vehicles to be summoned for free no matter what the configuration states.


Example Configuration

  "ChargePerUnitOfDistance": {
    "Economics": 0.0,
    "ServerRewards": 0.0
  "Language": {
    "CannotClaimVehicle": "You cannot claim this vehicle.",
    "EconomicsCharge": "%charge% Ecomonics Points",
    "MustBeEmpty": "Vehicle must be empty.",
    "NoFunds": "Insufficient funds to perform this action.",
    "NoPermission": "No permission to perform that action.",
    "NoSpace": "No space available to summon vehicle.",
    "NoVehicleFound": "No vehicle found to claim.",
    "ServerRewardsCharge": "%charge% Server Reward Points",
    "VehicleAlreadyClaimed": "This vehicle is already claimed by you.",
    "VehicleClaimed": "This vehicle is now claimed by you.",
    "VehicleDescriptor": "%sockets% Socket Modular Car (%distance% units away) Costs %charge%",
    "VehicleNotOwned": "You do not own this vehicle.",
    "VehicleSummoned": "Vehicle has been summoned.",
    "VehicleUnclaimed": "This vehicle is no longer claimed by you."


Configuration Help

The ChargePerUnitOfDistance options allow you to set a custom charge that will be deducted from the player's balance upon summoning vehicles. This charge is multiplied by the distance between the player and the vehicle they wish to summon. The player will not be able to summon a vehicle if they do not have the required funds.

Language options can be changed as needed. Some messages use keywords, these keywords are as follows:

%charge% - Replaced with the amount the player will be charged.
%sockets% - Replaced with the number of modular sockets on the vehicle.
%distance% - Replaced with the distance between the player and the vehicle.

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