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RFLoot.cs 1.0.0

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About RFLoot.cs

RFLoot is designed to enhance gameplay by adding a layer of realism and challenge. It prevents looting from dead players and specific entities, providing a more immersive experience on your Rust server.


Player Corpse Looting Prevention: RFLoot prevents players from looting items from the corpses of other players. This adds a sense of fairness and discourages grave-robbing, encouraging players to engage in combat without fear of losing their hard-earned loot.

While the default configuration is set to prevent looting from player corpses and backpack item drops, you can easily customize which entities are lootable by modifying the plugin's code. This flexibility allows server admins to tailor the plugin to their server's specific gameplay style and balance requirements.

Easy Integration: RFLoot is seamlessly integrated into your server, requiring no additional setup other than adding the plugin to your server's plugins folder.


No special permissions required: RFLoot operates as a server-wide enhancement without the need for players to have specific permissions.


No commands required: RFLoot runs automatically upon server initialization and requires no in-game commands, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both server admins and players.


Place the RFLoot plugin file into your Rust server's plugins folder.

Restart or reload your Rust server for the plugin to take effect.

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