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PatrolSignal 1.2.0

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About PatrolSignal

This plugin allows you to spawn Patrol Helicopters with Airdrop Signals!


Chat Command

/signal | You can take the custom Patrol Signal!

Language File

"HeliCalledMessage" = "Used the Signal to Call the Patrol Heli!",
"HeliTakenDownMessage" = "Patrol heli was taken down by",
"NoPermissionMessage" = "You don't have a permission to use Supply Signal",
"GiveCommandUsageMessage" = "You should use /givesignal {playername} syntax!",
"NoPermissionToSpawn" = "You don't have permission to spawn signal"


  • Custom Item Skin ID
  • Give Item to Specific Player
  • Only Players Friend Can Takedown the Heli!
  • Patrol Helicopter AI Improvements
  • Updating and fixing the Language File!

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