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Legendary Beasts 1.1.4

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About Legendary Beasts

Introduce RPG elements to your server with Legendary Beasts, specified entities may spawn with modified stats and rewards. Give beasts a level, modify their stats and add custom rewards upon death.

All suggestions are welcome.


Optional Dependencies

Server Rewards - https://umod.org/plugins/server-rewards
Economics - https://umod.org/plugins/economics



/legendarybeasts.spawn - Manually spawn a Legendary Beast

/legendarybeasts.cleanup - Destroys and cleans up all Legendary Beasts



legendarybeasts.spawn - Manually spawn a Legendary Beast
legendarybeasts.cleanup - Destroys and cleans up all Legendary Beasts


Example Configuration

  "AllowedEntities": [
  "BroadcastOnSpawn": true,
  "Language": {
    "NamedMapMarkerLabel": "%name% the %type% [LVL %level%]",
    "NamedSpawnMessage": "%name% the Legendary %type% [LVL %level%] has spawned",
    "NamedDeathMessage": "%name% the Legendary %type% [LVL %level%] has been slain",
    "GenericMapMarkerLabel": "%type% [LVL %level%]",
    "GenericSpawnMessage": "Legendary %type% [LVL %level%] has spawned",
    "GenericDeathMessage": "Legendary %type% [LVL %level%] has been slain"
  "LegendaryBeasts": [
      "AttackDamageScale": 1.0,
      "AttackRangeScale": 1.0,
      "AttackRateScale": 1.0,
      "CustomLootDrops": [],
      "DropsAirDropLoot": true,
      "Health": 1000,
      "Level": 1,
      "MovementSpeedScale": 1.0,
      "Names": [],
      "ServerRewardPoints": 1000,
      "Economics": 1000,
      "AttackDamageScale": 2.0,
      "AttackRangeScale": 1.0,
      "AttackRateScale": 2.0,
      "CustomLootDrops": [],
      "DropsAirDropLoot": true,
      "Health": 2000,
      "Level": 2,
      "MovementSpeedScale": 2.0,
      "Names": [],
      "ServerRewardPoints": 2000,
      "Economics": 2000
      "AttackDamageScale": 3.0,
      "AttackRangeScale": 1.0,
      "AttackRateScale": 3.0,
      "CustomLootDrops": [
          "Amount": 1,
          "Name": "lmg.m249",
          "Skin": "1740639585",
          "CustomDisplayName": "Fancy Gun"
      "DropsAirDropLoot": true,
      "Health": 3000,
      "Level": 3,
      "MovementSpeedScale": 10.0,
      "Names": ["Bob", "Jim"],
      "ServerRewardPoints": 3000,
      "Economics": 3000,
      "AllowedEntities": [
  "LegendarySpawnChance": 60,
  "MapMarker": {
    "Alpha": 0.5,
    "BorderColor": {
      "R": 255,
      "G": 0,
      "B": 0
    "FillColor": {
      "R": 0,
      "G": 0,
      "B": 0
    "Radius": 0.5
  "MaximumLegendaryBeasts": 1,
  "SendMessageOnDeath": true,
  "ShouldLegendaryBeastsFlee": false,
  "ShowMapMarkers": true


Configuration Specification

// Maximum number of legendary beasts allowed, -1 means there is no maximum
int MaximumLegendaryBeasts;

// Allowed entities that can become legendary
string[] AllowedEntities;

// The chance between 1 and 100 that an entity can spawn as a legendary
int LegendarySpawnChance;

// Whether or not legendary beasts have the ability to flee from attacks
bool ShouldLegendaryBeastsFlee;

// Whether or not to broadcast a message to the server when a legendary beast appears
bool BroadcastOnSpawn;

// Whether or not to send the player a message when slaying a beast
bool SendMessageOnDeath;

// Whether or not to show map markers for legendary beasts
bool ShowMapMarkers;

// Types of legendary beasts that can spawn
LegendaryBeastConfig[] LegendaryBeasts;

// Language configuration
LanguageConfig Language;

// Map marker configuration
MapMarkerConfig MapMarker;


Configuration Help

Some types can be overridden from the default configuration values individually for each Legendary Beast. For instance the AllowedEntities option specifies which entities can spawn as a Legendary Beast. If you wanted a specific entity to ignore the global option then you can set AllowedEntities inside the configuration for the Legendary Beast itself. Check the Configuration Example above to see an example where the Level 3 Legendary Beast is set to be a bear.


The language section of the configuration allows you to change how messages and map marker labels for Legendary Beasts are displayed. There are specific keywords that you can use in this section, they are:

%name% - The name of the Legendary Beast
%type% - The type of entity of the Legendary Beast
%level% - The level of the Legendary Beast

If a Legendary Beast has a name, then it will use the Named specific language configuration options, otherwise if it does not have a name it will use the Generic options instead.


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